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A closer look at DOGS WELCOME, official painting for the Get “Your Licks on Route 66” Adoption Tour

Illustration by Connie Townsend

(Continued from page 49, Issue 044.)

FF:  You were commissioned to paint the theme painting for FIDO Friendly magazine’s first annual Route 66 Adoption Tour, which you titled “Dog’s Welcome.” What did you choose to focus on in the painting and what was your inspiration?
CT: A vintage vehicle and Route 66 just go together. And of course the hotels/motels that let you bring your dogs are a major focus of FIDO Friendly magazine. Buildings are my least favorite things to paint, but it seemed important for this particular event. And I had just met your dogs, Claudine, so they were a natural fit. [The driving dog in the painting is fashioned after my dog Chance, and the passenger is a melding of Bo, also my dog, and Junior, Publisher Susan Sims’ dog.

FF:  What is the most common comment you get about the “driving dogs” in your paintings?
CT:  “Your paintings make me happy.”

FF:  What is on the horizon for you and/or your artwork?
CT: Fewer galleries, so I can focus on becoming a better artist and less on production.

FF:  What galleries are your paintings currently featured in?
CTHOWARD/MANDVILLE GALLERY, 120 Park Lane Suite D, Kirkland, WA 98033; (425) 889-8212 or (800) 544-4712
CHRISTOPHER MORGAN GALLERIES, 73-375 El Paseo, Suite 1, Palm Desert, CA 92260; (760) 568-0336
WILDE MEYER GALLERY, 4142 N Marshall Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85251; (480) 945-2323
RAFTER’S GALLERY, 97 W Center, Kanab, UT 84741; (435) 644-8001
KAMRUZ GALLERY, 333 W Colorado, Telluride, CO 81435; (303) 442-7790

FF:  Do you travel with your dog, and if so, what is your favorite excursion together?
CT:  Yes, Maggie is a good traveler. She’s been on our little sailboat and once in Bellingham on a bus. But her most favorite thing is just camping and hiking. I fantasize about having a motorcycle with a sidecar for her.

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