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Fido Furever

In our May/June issue, FIDO Friendly features a 2-page spread on tattooing.  Is this for you? What questions might you have? What do the experts say? Be sure to check the article out. In the meantime, check out some of the fabulous tats below. Perhaps you’ll be inspired. Remember to share your favorite tat with us. Details on how to do this and what you can win appear in the current issue of FIDO Friendly magazine.

Image 1: Photography Carol Bryant
Image 2, 3: Tattoo by Chris Blinston, No Hard Feelings
Image 4, 12, 13: Tattoo by Shane O'Neill, Infamous Tattoos
Image 5: Tattoo by Stacey Sharp, InkPulsive
Image 6, 9-11: Tattoo by Justin Page, Ink Revolution
Image 7: Tattoo by Glenn Friesen, East Dayton Tattoo
Image 8: Photography Kelly
Image 14: Photography Tracy B

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