Issue 43: May/Jun 2010

Fido Friendly Issue 43

44 Rory Freedman Get the skinny directly from Rory. The best-selling author shares what makes her tick and why Fido is a part of her life.

46 Richard Gere & Hachi Sexiest man alive, leading actor, award winner: Richard Gere takes the leash of a lifetime.
47 Montel Williams The celebrity talk-show host reveals the dogged truth about his canine best friend.
48 Greg Louganis Olympic medalist Greg Louganis dives into new territory and makes a difference, one dog at a time.
50 North Shore Animal League America: The Roots It’s not just a New York thing; this shelter takes their mission worldwide.
52 Spot Marks the X Extreme sports ala canine-style: something for every Fido.
54 Fido Furever Tattoos are fast becoming an indelible way to carry Fido forever by your side.
56 Fido Can Fly Fly the friendly skies and keep the tails waggin’. Must-knows when taking to the skies with Fido in tow.
58 Origin of the Species Crime scene investigators move over. Doggy DNA gets covered in a revealing look at what lies beneath Fido’s fur.
60 Adoption Story Melanie Bruski risks her heart over and over to give love to homeless dogs, even if it’s for only one hour.
61 Wanderlust Fido Where oh where has your little dog gone? FIDO Friendly knows, and the lusty truth might just surprise you.
62 Two Dogs and 2,000 Miles for Cancer By twos and by fours: one man’s crusade with his canine companions to fight the good fight and raise awareness.
64 I Do: Furry Encounter of the Wedding Kind Include your best friend in both nuptials and honeymoon with ease.
66 Sparkling Canines Doggy breath be gone. More than a megawatt smile, keeping Fido’s teeth clean means preventative medicine.
68 Bicycle Odyssey Deer, marmots and skiers, oh my! The Italian Dolomites dish up excitement for these cycling canines.
69 Fido's Tent Pop-tent or pup-tent? Getting back to nature with this must-have for canine camping comfort.
98 Inspirational Story A disabled Cocker hits the slopes.

14 Parlor Sniff through the crossword puzzle, test your skills and check out some photographic pooches. Plus, Weird News, Wagging Dogs, Fido Feed: Brain busters for the newsy hound in you.
18 Crate & Garden In the beginning there was dog: keeping it clean in Fido’s Garden of Eden.
20 The Social Pet Glitz and glam, NYC rolls out the red carpet for Fido.
22 Natural & Holistic Dog Ancient Chinese secret no more: herbs enhance Fido’s Zen zone.
24 Health & Wellness More than one way to cure a canine; an alternate path to recovery.
26 Pet Nutrition Deciphering the age-old dilemma regarding feeding Fido.
28 The Doc Is In Leaving no dog behind takes on new meaning as the temperatures heat up.
30 Training 101 Dog park etiquette: when to step in.
32 My Business Has Gone to the Dogs Dogged Health shares how their website gets doggone good information to pet guardians.
34 Best in Show Offering inspiration worldwide through the power of Healing Paws.
36 Canine Connection Don’t worry; be happy: when funds are low, one act makes a difference.
95 Lead Reads We let our hair down and race through the rain with a canine cover-to-cover review.

72 Historic Digs Stay in a restored home in Park City, UT.
73 Fido at Bat Hitting a home run in Boston means a grand slam for Fido and friends.
74 European Adventure Giving visitors the green light beyond the red-light district and digging up treasures of Amsterdam fun.
75 Weekend Warrior: Paw Springs Fido can try out his material like the rest of the Rat Pack in Palm Springs, CA.
76 Wickaninnish Inn In the wick of time…no trip to British Columbia should neglect this inn.
78 Waterfront Hilton Class and elegance, comfort and charm, wading to the Waterfront in canine style.
79 The Gracie Hotel New York city from the comfort of a cozy bed…including breakfast.
80 The Benjamin Taking Manhattan by storm: where Fido should stay on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
81 Alderbrook Inn Cruising the banks of the canal or the halls of the inn will both delight Fido. 82 Mansion on Turtle Creek The take-home toy may be the best part for Fido, but this unique lodging holds many more memories for guests.
83 Seabrook Inn A community of cottages built with a canine flare for life.

84 Hotel Cheval & Paso Robles
85 Camping & Hiking Health & Wellness Lifestyles
90 Travel Guide
96 Marketplace

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    By Maria Himmich

    What I love about road trips is the freedom to stop by anywhere and anytime I see a beautiful landscape or feel that my dog Shark needs to stretch her legs. During my last stay in France, I decided to hit the road to dis- cover the West coast of the country, from Bordeaux South to Mont Saint Michel North.

    First stop. The...

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    Waggin at the waterpark in Greenville

    Find canine southern comfort in this South Carolina haven.

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    Here, Southern hospitality is authentic, and it extends to canines of all breeds and sizes. At least 125 restaurants welcome dogs, as do the lovely parks...

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    Whistler, Canada's Fido Friendly Mountain Paradise

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    Breckenridge is among Colorado's most beautiful destinations

    Find Fido-Friendly fun on and off the slopes.

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    What do you bring to a celebration dedicated to the God of snow? Viking helmets and dogs, judging by the annual January ULLR Festival in Breckenridge.

    Due to its high elevation, this Colorado mountain town is known for extra-long seasons of skiing and snowboarding on nearly 3,000 acres and five peaks of epic terrain. But now Breck...

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