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Rory Freedman, Co-Author of Skinny Bitch

FIDO Friendly Publisher, Susan Sims, sat down with Rory Freedman, co-author of Skinny Bitch, the number one New York Times best-selling book, to talk about vegan-ism and her dogs.

FF: Give me a day in the life with your dogs.
RF: First thing we do is go on a hike every morning. I feel that if you live somewhere where you can do that and your schedule allows for it, it’s their God-given right to be off leash and running around in nature every day. So, that’s the first thing we do. Then, we come home, and they zonk out. Right now, I have two dead dogs lying around because this morning we went on a nice sunny hike, and they are still depleted from it, so my work is done. In the afternoon, we either go for a walk around the neighborhood or to a neighborhood park and hang out there for a little while; before bedtime is another neighborhood stroll.

FF: Do they travel much with you?
RF: Depends on what I am doing. If I can drive, then I bring them. This past April, I was speaking at Veg Fest in Michigan, so I had to fl y. So their beloved dog sitter came over to stay with them, hike them, walk them and love them while I was gone.

FF: I like her gig.
RF: Not a bad thing to get paid for hanging out with two delicious pooches.

FF: FIDO Friendly readers will be curious as to what you feed your dogs.
RF: My dogs are vegan. I know that dogs are omnivores and are not like humans, and I used to feed them raw meat. But, when I was researching Skinny Bitch and learning so much about the meat industry, I was just so horrified that even human-grade meat was so contaminated and filthy and also involved so much cruelty for animals, that I decided to start researching dog nutrition to find if dogs could thrive on vegan diets. I found out that indeed they can, and now I have found that indeed they do! I give them a blend of two different vegetarian dog kibble, one being V-Dog. Then, I mix in some fresh whole grains, beans and vegetables. Dogs need and deserve whole foods just as much as humans do. For snacks, they get biscuits, of course, but also apples and bananas.

FF: That sounds yummy.
RF: I love my dogs, and I want them to be healthy and happy.

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