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Going Green With Fido

Eco-friendly products can help reduce your dog’s carbon paw print.

By Doreen Disbro and Tracie Hall

…Feeding a raw diet or making your own dog food at home is one way to become greener with Fido. With both diets you can choose exactly what he or she eats, including organic and sustainably grown meats and vegetables. It’s important to do your research first, however, because not knowing your dog’s nutritional needs could cause health problems

Green Tips
For food, toys and even beds, FIDO Friendly has your needs covered from head to tail. Go green with these recommendations:

Pooper Scooper
: Switch from plastic grocery bags to biodegradable bags like those from Poop Bags.
Accessories: The Good Dog Company carries a wide-range of hemp and certified organic cotton corduroy harnesses, collars and leashes.
Toys: Purrfect Play’s wool balls are hand formed from sustainably produced dye-free wool. Each toy is processed using only gentle non-toxic soaps.
Sleepy Time: Big Shrimpy recycles clean polyester fiber waste to make their durable and fluffy pet beds.

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