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Large Dogs

Living Small

By Julia Szabo
Image by iStock/Christopher Bernard

If you live in a small place, you can’t have a dog, right? Wrong! That’s one of the most common myths about dog ownership, and it’s high time it got debunked. Right now there are millions of wonderful dogs awaiting adoption at animal shelters across our country; thousands are put to sleep each day because there aren’t enough people to adopt them. These dogs would never judge your place too small. If they could talk, they’d call it cozy, and they’d be more than happy to also call it home sweet home!…

(See full article on page 40, Issue 044.)

Small Space Resources worth “Ruffing” Over

  • Oh! stacking chair by Karim Rashid; $49 at The Container Store
  • Prince Aha stool by Philippe Starck doubles as a side table or seat; remove the end caps to reveal storage space for Fido’s toys; $110 at Design Within Reach
  • MasterGrip Overdoor hook; $7.99 at The Container Store
  • Gallon-size glass Cracker Jar with metal lid; $ 6.99 at The Container Store
  • The Throver by Crypton looks like a blanket but works like a tarp; perfect protection for beds and sofas, and dogs love snoozing on them; $149
  • Use a good-looking, wall-mounted feeder so you won’t trip over Fido’s bowls; find at These Creatures
  • Corral your home library with the Conceal Bookshelf, cool enough to be sold at the Museum of Modern Art; $15 from MoMA Store.
  • PawSafe cleaners are paw-fect for cleaning up after dogs; the product range—including toy cleaner, toilet cleaner, and window cleaner—is made of plant surfactants, so it’s safe to use around kids and pets
  • An excellent online resource for movie posters that feature dogs is Posteritati.
  • The aptly-named will enlarge your photograph into a poster for a reasonable fee.


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