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What Makes a Doghouse a Home?

Raise the roof, summon the neighbors, Fido's abode unleashes all boundaries.

By Carol Bryant & Tiffany Keeth

It all started with a vision. And blueprints. And a contractor. For some dog owners, crafting canine dreams into reality is a passion, and these folks say, “You can do it, too!” Creating a unique abode or addition with the family pooch in mind need not be a laborious task. Move over home makeover shows, the dogs are taking over the neighborhood.

Lifestyle expert and best-selling author Moll Anderson lives the creed, “change your home, change your life,” and that includes Fido’s living space. An eclectic mix of Dr. Phil and Martha
Stewart, Anderson turned a doggy dilemma into a canine can-do! “My dog, Sophie, is a rescue and had suffered abuse the first nine months of her life,” Anderson shared…

Lifestyle expert and designer Moll Anderson offers FIDO Friendly readers this exclusive how to do your own ultimate dog bath/shower:  A dog bath is something every doggie/homeowner needs to make their life just a bit easier. It doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re a handy guy or gal just make sure you truly know your way around plumbing a bathroom, if not work with an amazing contractor to make sure this easy project is done correctly.  What do you need for your own doggy bath?

Basic things you need to get started:

An amazing contractor, waterline, hand shower, faucets, drain, and beautiful tile.

The key thing to remember when you’re designing your doggie bath tub: you are trying to make bath time easier on you and your pet, so don’t throw practicality out the window.  One of the biggest complaints I had was the back pain from bathing Sophie (my dog). The back pain comes from leaning over during the process. Building a dog bath is the same as how you would build a tile shower—the only difference is that the dog bath is elevated and the dimensions are specific to the size of your dog and your needs.

The first step is to measure the height of your lower back area. Work with your contractor and build a mock-up of the tub based on the size of your animal.   Have your contractor set the mock tub up on a couple of sawhorses. Check the height by literally reaching down inside and pick the perfect height for you. If your husband or partner shares the duties you may want to compromise on a height in between.  Once you have the perfect height and size figured out, let your contractor take over to make sure that the dog bath is built, lined, and sealed properly.

Photo 1 & 2: Photography Ron Sturgeon
Photo 3: Photography courtesy La Petite Maison

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