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On the Move

On the Move

The Andrews family is moving from Wyoming to Wisconsin, complete with four kids, three moving vans and a carload of questions, such as “did we remember this” and “what if we forgot that?” Where does Fido fit in this mix of mayhem, moving and minivans? Enter pet relocation services. Fido is a valued family member, so finding the right pet travel expert is essential. Whether traveling 10 miles or across 10 states, Fido is fragile, precious and must be handled with care. One such service is, which handles every detail of a pet’s travel arrangements, from pick-up at the guardian’s residence to booking airline flights and delivery on the receiving end…

(See full article on page 38, Issue 044.)

5  things FIDO should NOT do when you are packing:

  1. Attempt to stow away in your cosmetics bag.
  2. Re-enact a scene from Home Alone and fall asleep in the attic.
  3. Leave a “when nature calls” present for you in the zippered compartment.
  4. Decide to hide your underwear.
  5. Shred your boarding pass to pieces.

5 Do’s and Don’ts for flying Fido:

  1. Do have access to cool water in a non-spillable clip-on bottle
  2. Do include proper identification on collar and leash. (include cell number)
  3. Don’t medicate Fido with sedatives before flying unless instructed by your veterinarian.
  4. Don’t feed Fido close to boarding time. Allow at least 4 hours between feeding and flying.
  5. Do acclimate Fido to the carrier prior to using it on relocation day.

Learn more about pet relocation by watching this video and visiting these links:

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Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association
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Photography courtesy iStock/Shorrocks

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