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TV Tattooed Rescuers Leave Their Mark

An army for the animals, Rescue Ink proclaims: “Abusers are Losers!”

Have you ever read a really good book and envisioned what the characters might look like if they were to lift themselves off the pages and into real life? What if those characters were super heroes who brandished formidable symbols of sorted pasts all over their skin? And instead of names like Superman, Spiderman and Captain America they called themselves Big Ant, Johnny O and Joe Panz? Their mission is not to save America but to give animals in a need a responsible home, swooping in on their motorcycles and busting abusers’ mindsets one a time. These are the super heroes called Rescue Ink and this is one day in the life of these non-caped, tattoo-laden crusaders. Feeling like Lois Lane waiting with bated breath for Supermen to emerge, this reporter was left flying high as one cape-less inked crusader after another explained their role in animal rescue. Trading capes for muscle shirts, stylized emblems for tattoos, these heroes rode into town on choppers instead of being dropped from them. Their technique and appearance intimidating, FIDO Friendly invites readers to walk a day in super hero boots, as Rescue Ink lives their creed, “Abusers are Losers.”

FIDO Friendly magazine reporter, Carol Bryant, spent a day with Rescue Ink recently. To accompany our story in the October 2010 issue of FIDO Friendly magazine, check out this video showing these real-life crusaders who rescue animals and say “Abusers are Losers!”

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