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Slowly, But Insurely

With so many options and plans available, FIDO Friendly covers the questions readers need to ask.

When six-year-old Labrador Retriever, Katie, went in for a routine spay, she didn’t recover as expected. Transferred to Michigan State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, it was discovered Katie had a very rare complication of her spleen, requiring its removal. During the 10-day period to save Katie’s life, she received 26 units of plasma and nine units of blood from 30 donor dogs. “Her bill totaled more than $18,410 of which PurinaCare Insurance paid $14,468,” Anne Hatfield said on behalf of Purina. Like its human counterpart, we never know when the need for health insurance will arise. Dogs suffer accidents, injuries, mishaps and unexpected diagnoses as we all do. Fido lovers know all too well the sacrifices made in the name of dog. They rely on us, but will the funds be there when the time comes? For many, pet health insurance is becoming a viable option. Knowing the insurance is there for routine usage as well as emergency situations or disease diagnosis and treatment means peace of mind to most of all. With so many different insurances available, just where does one start? Is it worth it? How much will it cost? FIDO Friendly magazine dishes out the questions every dog owner should ask prospective pet insurance companies. What to Ask, and more…

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