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The Return of Bianca & Beth Ostrosky Stern

For the first time FIDO Friendly has a return cover girl; Bianca! And her owner Beth Ostrosky Stern. FIDO Friendly is smitten with this duo, and because of this we have asked Beth to return once again and grace this issue’s cover of FIDO Friendly magazine with her English Bulldog, Bianca.

FF: The last time we spoke you were saying that she’s just as famous as you are, and she’s always being requested to go places. Has she been traveling just as much with you?
BOS: You know what, now that she’s getting older—she’s eight years old now, and for a Bulldog’s lifespan it’s up there—I try not to stress her out at all. She was just on the Today Show with me so I dragged her to that because she’s the face on the cover of my book. She is my dog and she’s my inspiration and I’m taking her on Regis & Kelly on Wednesday. So the local things yes, and then she goes with us to our beach house in the Hamptons every weekend and so she’s in the car traveling. I have to go to Los Angeles on Thursday to do an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and Good Day LA and a book signing there, and I’m not taking her. I’m not flying her. First of all it’s tricky anyhow to fly your animal in an airplane, so I’m just not going to put her through that.

FF: You always have so much going on. In our last interview you had just completed the huge accomplishment of the New York City Marathon. You raised close to…I think it was $300,000 for the no-kill North Shore Animal League shelter.
BOS: Yes, it actually ended up being that the final amount of money raised was around $307,000. I was really excited about that.

FF: Very cool. And now you’ve got your book coming out, so let’s talk about Oh my Dog.
BOS: Basically it’s a guide for all dog owners who want great tips on how to train, groom, feed, bond with and generally care for their best friend. It’s pretty much a mix of my personal experiences and information from seasoned experts that are in my life that I’m so lucky to know through my association with North Shore Animal League. These people are at the top of their field, and I’m hoping with this book it’s just going to enrich the relationship between people and their dogs. I think it’s really an informative, friendly guide that’s intended to make the process of raising your dog the best experience it can be.

FF: One of the things that I really liked about our last interview, and that we connected on, was about preparing people for actually getting a dog rather than just going out there and saying, okay, I want this kind of dog. So, to those people who have really busy lives, what advice do you give when they want to adopt?
BOS: The first chapter in my book is about deciding what type of dog is right for you. You have to look at your lifestyle. Look at children in your family. Do you live in a city? Do you live out in the country? Do you live in a house? Do you live in an apartment? You’re not going to want a big Lab mix if you’re in a studio apartment and you can maybe go the smaller route. It’s just assessing your life, assessing the time you have that you can give to an animal. You have to make sure that you have a dog walker at your beck and call if you live in the city. You have to have coverage if you’re one of those couples that goes away every other weekend. It’s not the type of thing where you just one day say, “Oh I’m gonna get a dog.”

Photography Christopher Appoldt

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