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Fido, Al Fresco!

More frescos and more Fidos means more frequent doggy visitors dining out.

FIDO NEED NOT BE POCKET-SIZE to dine al fresco style. Snitch knows that Europe is too far to go for lunch, so Café Borrone in Menlo Park, California, is a favorite local eatery. Jann Hayes of Half Moon Bay, California, shared, “They have a generous outdoor seating area with umbrellas, no smoking on the patio and the wait staff loves having dogs visit.”…

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Shall I start with the appetizer or perhaps go right for the main course, Hairy Putter seems to ponder.
Photography Louis W. Bohannan

“Waiter, I’ll have one of these, one of those and a few of the yummies over there,” so says Hairy Putter. 
Photography Louis W. Bohannan


Deciding his meal, Hairy Putter ponders the menu before selecting his al fresco fare.
Photography Louis W. Bohannan

Kevin and Buddy are Fido al-besto pals and visit the PICK-QUICK Drive In for Puppy Patties.
Photography courtesy PICK-QUICK Drive In


Surf’s up for Porkchop when he and Maggie Alexander head for some healthy grilled fish.
Photography Maggie Alexander


Taking a beach break, Porkchop loves the ambience at Pacific Beach Fish Shop in San Diego.
Photography Maggie Alexander


Snitch waits for his water and treats while visiting Café Borrone in Menlo Park.
Photography Jann Hayes


Move over Beethoven, Snitch knows a cup of ice cream from Culvers in Wisconsin hits the spot.
Photography Jann Hayes


The chicken atop this salad catches the eye of Toshi, who waits his turn for a bite at Taggia in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Photography Candice Ball





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