Issue 51: Sept / Oct 2011

Fido Friendly Issue 51

54 Feature Giveaway - Find a Fido his forever home and walk away the grand prize winner!
56 Celebrity Interview - Rock star and Matchbox 20 front man, Rob Thomas, helps keep “Pets Alive.” 
58 CSI: Canine Scene Interview Eva LaRue and Omar Miller strike a natural balance for guide dogs.
60 Idolized Kris Allen is hot! Idolized by America,including one lucky pooch.
62 Paw & Order Sherlock Bones to the crime scene,leaving no trail uncovered.
66 Comedic Splendor Last Comic Standing’s Rebecca Corry places Fido in the front row. 
70 3rd Annual Get Your Licks on Route 66 FIDO Friendly hits the Mother Road in then ame of pet adoption. 
72 Boo: Facebook Fido Phenom Inside the sensation of teddy bear faced Internet pup. 
74 First and Goal: Fido Football Fun Doggy tailgating and canine college mascots kick off the season. 

29 Day Trip Leashes and leaves, concords and canines: Winery style.
30 Dog Talk with Harrison Forbes FIDO Friendly’s new travel expert debuts his canine column.
32 Fido Al Fresco Doggy dining designedwith puppy palates in mind.
34 Destination Review Coastal California town coos to canines.
36 The Whistler Get a snow mojo on as Fido travels to Canada, eh?
38 Trump SoHo Oh SoHo Fido in all its New York pomp and splendor.
40 Westin Kierland Resort & Spa Scotty in Scottsdale beckons for sandy, southern fun.
42 Ashland Springs Hotel Charm and history meet elegance and comfort doggy-style.
44 The Resort at the Mountain In Mt. Hood.
46 Huntington Beach Surf’s Up at Shorebreak Hotel.
48 Laguna Beach Summer never ends at the Pacific Edge Hotel.
50 The Carlton A New York powerhouse of old-world Fido charm.
51 Delamar Greenwich Harbor Yachting! Take a rideon a yacht with Fido.
52 California Coast Finale - The finale in Carmel.

13 Best in Show Rembrandt for Rovers helps dogs one brushstroke at a time.
14 Local Letters to the Editor and readers raise the bark high.
16 Leave No Dog Offline - Follow our Facebook Fido fun and become a tail-wagging tweet. 
20 The Parlor From Puparazzi to Crossword Fun, buried treasures await. 
22 FIDO Expo - Dutchess and 50 other Fido tongues in all their glory! The phenomenon continues… 
24 Canine Connection Trendy must-haves for mutts and pedigrees alike. 

77 Table For Two Food for Fido and family.
79 Crate & Garden Everybody in the leaf pile (and other fall Fido fun)!
80 Bowser on a Budget Halloween costumes on a boo-string budget.
81 Adoption Story “Unadoptable” dog finds her“Ivory” tower and forever home.
82 He Yaps/She Yaps Separate and equal: Solving the being apart issue.

83 The Glossary Impress your vet with Bingo’s lingo.
84 Psychology Be his friend, find your lover. 
85 Diet/Nutrition - Can dogs have eating disorders?
86 The Doc is In - What’s it like to be a vet in today’s modern world? 
98 The Backyard - Abandoned Italian dog lightsup America. 

87 Galleria - Fall into autumn with the latest products to hit the canine market.
90 Travel Directory - Hotels and Inns that welcome Fido from sea to shining sea.
94 Marketplace - Check out our collection of unique products in FIDO’s marketplace.

From this issue

Recent Articles
  • How ‘Suite’ it is at the Fido-friendly Hilton Branson Convention Center

    The Hilton Branson Convention Center and Hotel

    Tourist town rolls out an Ozark welcome for Fido

    Byline: By Anietra Hamper

    The Hilton Branson Convention Center and Hotel is centrally located in downtown Branson close to stage shows, shopping, Silver Dollar City amusement park, Branson Landing and excursions in the mountains. The staff at the towering AAA Four Diamond Hilton Branson Hotel is accustomed to catering to out-of-towners for...

  • Learn Your Dogs’ Dosha to Help Them Thrive

    Amanda and Graham the Dog

    By Amanda Ree Ringnalda

    Harmony and optimum health are only achieved when we live in accordance with nature’s law of balance. We see evidence of this in our own lives when we eat, work or do anything in excess. That imbalance can throw us off in small and large ways. It affects body, mind and spirit and in no time, we start seeing the physical and mental results. Dogs are no different.

  • Hiking the Swiss Alps with Fido

    Rosa exploring the dramatic cliffs of Switzerland

    By Hayley Whitfield

    Soaring up the mountainside in the Kandersteg-Sunnbuel Cable Car, Rosa and I greeted many local families going out for a popular weekend hike along the Gemmi Pass, with their dogs in tow. Because of course, in Switzerland, dogs are allowed to travel on all public transport – even the cable cars! With her paws back on the ground, Rosa took off up the trail towards Lake Dauben,...

  • European-Style Vacation, No Passport Needed!

    European style vacation with Fido right here in Washington state

    By Tamra Bolton

    Dream of traveling to Europe but don’t want the hassle of passports and securing papers for Fido? Just off the coast of Washington lies a group of islands that will have you wondering if you are ‘over the pond’. Dotted with white-washed seaside villages, rolling farmland, lush forests and pristine beaches, this is as close to a European experience as you can get in the states…and...