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Fido’s Inner Zen

If you’ve ever wondered whether Fido needs a few more different activities, perhaps more relaxing, yet fun like doglates, doga, dog paddling, surfing or even canoeing, you may just be on the right track.

By Claudia Bensimoun

Today more and more dog lovers are using non-traditional healing techniques for mind and body in the forms of new canine exercises and sports. By focusing on what keeps Fido calm, focused and content, dog lovers can learn to appreciate the importance of keeping Fido Zen, or in the moment. Just ask these dog experts who are not only committed to keeping Fido happy, but for their quest in seeking out what really makes our furry best friends Zen.

According to dog toy expert, Nina Ottosson, Sweden, her dogs feel Zen when out hiking in the forest and picking wild mushrooms.“We love to be in the forest, there we walk, train, track and pick mushrooms. At home we play with my games that my dogs really love to do as well. This is our Zen to feel good. I think the most important for the dogs is to be with their family, and don´t leave them alone too long, because dogs are flock animals. Dogs need activities, and love to discover new things together with their owners, but this can be to go for walks in new areas with new smells, as well as training for new tricks,” says Nina Ottosson, Dog Activity Toys and Puzzle Games, Sweden.

“We know that dogs give us unconditional love. Return that love with love for your dog,” says Dr. Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, MRCVS, Tufts University “If a dog has all his basic needs met, combined with an entertaining environment such as interesting hiking trails, different woods to explore, good veterinary care, regular attention to health and wellness, regular feed times and his essential needs are being met, you’ll have a Zen dog,” explains Dr. Dodman. “A Zen dog is when every need is met. Dogs need to shake it up. Variety is the spice of life.”

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