Issue 64: Winter 2015

Fido Friendly Issue 64

24 Fido Fun in Fredericksburg, Texas.
Visit the town voted as the number one Best Place to Live in Texas.

28 Four Seasons Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Top Fido-Friendly Ski Resort 2015.

30 Traveling with an older dog
A senior dog can become a perfect travel companion as well as enrich life at home.

32 Washington County
Take a trip with Fido to the Lonestar State.

11 My Business Has Gone to the Dogs
Meet Barbara Pietra, owner of Sidekick for Pets and learn how she manifests what she things about!

12 Contest Winners
Past winners and the loot they received from FIDO Friendly contests!

14 Leave No Dog Offline
Follow our Twitter and Facebook Fido fun.

16 FIDO Fun Zone
From Puparazzi to Crossword Fun, buried treasures await.

20 FIDO Expo
A bonanza of tongue-wagging canines.

34 Feature Giveaway
A shelter dog from The Rutland County Humane Society in Vermont is featured in a photo shoot surrounded by great products you have a chance to win!

36 COVER: Brandon McMillan
TV host of the weekly CBS series Lucky Dog is passionate about rescue.

42 Avalanche Dogs to the Rescue
Swiss icon Berry gets his own exhibition.

45 Finding Fido’s Inner Zen
Downward dog finds new meaning when Fido let’s go.

48 Timmy is not in the Well!
Join Jon Provost who played Timmy in the beloved Lassie series on a cruise.

50 Should you Leave Your Dog Alone in a Hotel Room?
One dog went missing never to be found.

52 Ebola and Dogs
One dog euthanized and one dog quarantined. What we have learned since the Ebola crisis.

54 Brush Those Canines
February is Pet Dental Health Month.

57 Table For Two
Home cooking is one of the most meaningful ways to show your love for Fido!

58 Bowser on a Budget
Bundle Up Your Pooch for Cozy Hotel Packages

60 He Yaps She Yaps
Playing tug-of-war: Doggie dos and don’ts.

61 Crate & Garden
Protect Your Furry Family Members from Winter’s Chill.

62 Adoption Story
Riley, the Canyon Puppy.

65 The Glossary
Veterinarian-to-English dictionary.

66 Psychology
Prescribe Dogs, not Drugs.

68 The Doc is In
I have a large dog, is he susceptible to wobbler syndrome?

82 The Backyard
Veterinary volunteers travel to help people and their pets.

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Recent Articles
  • Pasea Hotel & Spa

    high-end Fido-friendly hotel, Paséa Hotel & Spa

    Huntington Beach, California offers up doggie nirvana at this coastal hotel.

    By Susan Sims, Publisher

    I love finding high-end Fido-friendly hotels that welcome dogs and the Paséa Hotel & Spa rolls out the red carpet for both you and Fido. As a native Southern Californian growing up near the beach, our visit to Huntington Beach was a blast from the past. Renting rafts to body surf and ordering...

  • Oh Savannah! Walk Amid Style, Beauty and Grace

    Savannah’s landmark luxury-class hotel, Perry Lane

    Fido and you will be treated like royalty.

    By Robin Tierney

    The esteemed guests lounging in the hotel’s lobby and other public areas made us realize we were in the right place. A stately blonde Labradoodle patiently surveyed guests clinked wine glasses by the replace. Two perky, exquisitely groomed lap dogs seemed to realize they were in the lap of luxury. A sleek spaniel quaffed straight-up...

  • Lake Geneva

    Bring Fido with you to Lake Geneva

    Think Wisconsin, not Switzerland.

    By Susan Sims, Publisher

    You had better bring Fido if you would like to fit in to this picturesque resort town of Lake Geneva. Just 80 miles outside of Chicago, it is a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and your dog is as welcome as you are.

    The 26-mile shore path is a wonderful way to experience the slower pace with Fido as it winds it’s...

  • Fake Service and Emotional Support Dogs on the Rise

    Service dogs

    While you may think it’s fun and a harmless lark to parade your smart pooch around in a fake vest or harness, this is not an innocent trick without consequences.

    By Tamra Bolton

    Service dogs and the people they help have always garnered the upmost respect and admiration, but in this new age of entitlement and self-serving attitudes, this is sadly no longer the case.

    In many places now, service...

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