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Finding Fido TV Host Seth Casteel

TV Host of Finding Fido Seth Casteel loves a happy ending

By Susan Sims, publisher

I met Seth Casteel at our very first Get Your Licks on Route 66® pet adoption tour nine years ago. He was a photographer sent to cover the event in Los Angeles from a local newspaper. We struck up a friendship and Seth has photographed for FIDO Friendly magazine over the years. Imagine my surprise to see Seth on TV in his new series, Finding Fido. I knew he would be of interest to our readers so I recently sat down to talk with Seth about his show and best-selling book Underwater Dogs.

FIDO Friendly » When and why did you start working with animals in shelters to start photographing them so they would look great to prospective pet parents and easier to adopt?

Seth Casteel » In 2007, I was working at a movie studio and some friends of mine discovered a litter of kittens on the studio lot. I volunteered to take a few pictures to help get them adopted. We snuck the kittens into an executive's office while he was out to lunch and let the kittens hop around on the furniture - taking pictures the entire time. We sent the photos out through the studio email network and twenty-four hours later, they were all adopted. Yay!!! A few weeks later, we found another litter of kittens, took some more pictures, and more adoptions! I then became a volunteer with Los Angeles Animal Services, photographing dogs and cats to help increase adoptions.

FF » Your Underwater Dogs book is a huge success, what made you decide to shoot dogs underwater?

SC » So many people think it was my idea, but it wasn't! It was a dog's idea! Buster the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel decided to turn our "on-land" photo shoot into an "in-the-pool" shoot when he started jumping in after his favorite ball. The above-water pictures just didn't tell the whole story, so I cruised off, bought a point-and-shoot underwater camera, zipped back and jumped in. The resulting pictures were the beginning of the series of Underwater Dogs, and now a tattoo of Buster takes up pretty much my entire arm! smile

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