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John Paul DeJoria

The coolest guy on the planet.

Interview By Publisher, Susan Sims

John Paul DeJoria’s bio reads like a Dickens novel; once homeless, DeJoria rises to create his empire in the hair care sector with John Paul Mitchell Systems® and goes on to amass his fortune in diamonds, tequila, oil and the pet care industry.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview JP. Ok, I am taking the liberty in calling John Paul DeJoria by his initials after just one conversation. But seriously, the guy is so cool; I don’t think he will mind. Anyway, JP was in his private jet on his way to Dubai. Surprisingly, he had time to call me directly and we proceeded to have the most wonderful chat.

FIDO Friendly » When and why did you develop cruelty free products?

John Paul DeJoria » When I worked for REDKEN, they had a small room filled with marmoset monkeys that they used for testing. I wanted to take them outside for a walk feeling sorry they were in such an enclosed room. They wouldn’t let me.

I felt that if you make a shampoo or conditioner you should test it on your own head and face. So, when I started JPMS in 1980 I took a stand. Animal testing is not necessary when we can test our own products on ourselves. Many of our competitors really criticized us and we stuck by our beliefs and today many have changed their mind.

FF » How long before the industry followed your lead?

JP » The industry started following our lead in the 1990s. Not all, but some.

FF » To your knowledge, are there cosmetic companies still testing on animals and if so, what is your opinion about that?

JP » To the best of my knowledge there are and it’s completely unnecessary, waste of money, but more important, inhumane. Machines and science can do more now than ever before.

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