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On the Road with Fido

Road Trippin’ Along California’s Central Coast

California’s Central Coast is a Fido-friendly Mecca for fun in the sun.

By Wendy Lemlin

The day was sunny, the beach was wide, and everywhere he looked, Skipper the Travel Dog spied pups frolicking along the shore. When a bouncy brown and white guy ran up and dropped into the universal "invitation to play" position, Skipper happily accepted and the two were off, tearing along the shoreline, playing tag, and tussling in the sand. At one point the happy pair was running so flat-out fast that they were both airborne, all eight paws in the air, defying gravity, flying over the sand in Cayucos, California.

California's Central Coast is vacation Nirvana for dogs and the humans who love them. From Santa Barbara to San Simeon, there are Fido-friendly beaches at which to play and swim, hotels that graciously cater to four legged guests, and restaurants that set out welcoming water bowls and proffer menus of canine cuisine. From surrey rides to hikes, there is no shortage of activities for people and pets to enjoy together. Midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and hundreds of miles from any large city, San Luis Obispo County beckons with charming towns, sweeping hills and uncrowded beaches.

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