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One Million PIBBLE March

Rebecca Corry and her pibble, Angel will make history on May 3, 2014.

Rebecca Corry is a writer/actress/comedian, founder of the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc. and organizer of the One Million PIBBLE March on Washington DC May 3, 2014. Rebecca has been traveling around the country for four years with her own precious Pibble rescue, Angel, raising money and awareness for selected non-profits who are dedicated to saving and rescuing Pit Bull Terriers. Stand Up For Pits has sold out in every city since the first Los Angeles show and continues to grow every year. Publisher Susan Sims sits down with Corry to talk about Stand Up For Pits and her upcoming historic endeavor, the first ever PIBBLE March on DC.

FIDO Friendly: Why are you taking on this huge task of organizing a march on Washington?

Rebecca Corry: I do everything I do to help save this beautiful breed, because of my precious Angel. Angel came into my life 5 1/2 years ago and changed everything. She had battery acid burns all over back, had been bred abused with horribly home cropped ears and sat in the LA South Central Shelter as a "leave alone" for over 2 months. Thank goodness, another angel, named Tomika Johnson saw the kindness Angel had and gave her a second chance. Angel lived her life at the hands of monsters yet had nothing but love to give. Having Angel has taught me so much. She has been and continues to be a gift in my life every moment of every day. So knowing what I know and seeing what I've seen, who would I be if I did nothing? It became clear to me early on that doing nothing was not an option. Pit Bull Terriers are innocent voiceless victims that need a voice and not just mine, they need all of us to be their voice. What is happening to this breed is a direct reflection of a broken society and that banning and throwing away the victim (Pit Bull Terriers or any "Pit Bull type dog") is not the answer. Fear based ignorance and discrimination enshrined in law goes against the very fiber of what our country was built on and will no longer be tolerated.

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