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Pasea Hotel & Spa

Huntington Beach, California offers up doggie nirvana at this coastal hotel.

By Susan Sims, Publisher

I love finding high-end Fido-friendly hotels that welcome dogs and the Paséa Hotel & Spa rolls out the red carpet for both you and Fido. As a native Southern Californian growing up near the beach, our visit to Huntington Beach was a blast from the past. Renting rafts to body surf and ordering strips (think warm salted chips from your favorite Mexican restaurant) were weekly occurrences as soon as I was old enough to drive. Flash forward to more years than I dare to admit, find my husband and I with our fur-child, Honey, enjoying the ocean smells and trendy shops located right next door to the Paséa Hotel & Spa.

While staying at the Paséa Hotel & Spa, pet amenities include dog bowl, dog treat and use of dog bed during your stay. The personal welcome note to our dog, Honey, was a nice touch. If you forgot your guitar at home, pick up the perfectly tuned instrument in your room and strum out your favorite Beach Boy song. A fun aspect of the
room presents itself with a window from your shower so you can view the ocean.

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