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Riley Bug Sniffing Dog

Meet Riley, the Bug Sniffing Weimaraner Pup at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts!

This very intelligent Weimaraner will spend his days detecting bugs at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

By Claudia Bensimoun

Meet Riley, the Museum of Fine Art’s scent puppy in training. Riley, a Weimaraner pup is being trained in pest detection that only a dog can provide. Discussions began in the fall of 2017 between Conservation and Protective Services when discussing how to best care for the collection.

“Having an extra layer of pest detection that only a dog can provide could be invaluable to the Protective Services and Conservation teams as they work to protect the collection through a range of practices, policies and protocols,” says Karen Frascona, Director of Public Relations, MFA, Boston.

“Weimaraners are very intelligent and have an incredible sense of smell. Riley’s duties as a scent dog at the MFA are well suited to his breed!

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