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Road trip in Western France with Fido

The must sees from La Rochelle to Mont Saint Michel.

By Maria Himmich

What I love about road trips is the freedom to stop by anywhere and anytime I see a beautiful landscape or feel that my dog Shark needs to stretch her legs. During my last stay in France, I decided to hit the road to dis- cover the West coast of the country, from Bordeaux South to Mont Saint Michel North.

First stop. The city of La Rochelle is anchored to the Atlantic coast. The lively Old Port in the historic center is a must seen. The stroll between Saint Nicolas Tower and Chain Tower is amazing. Then, we walked along the quays till the third tower, called the Lantern tower. It is the last medieval lighthouse on the Atlantic coast. Pets are not allowed to visit the towers but there are lots of outdoor restaurants and cafes along the quays to have lunch with your dog.

Second stop. Ile de Ré is an island connected to La Rochelle by an outstanding bridge of 1.8 miles. Among our favorite spots: the small beach of La Promenade Theodore Porsain at the beginning of the island. There is a beautiful viewpoint on the bridge and a charming small pier with fishermen. The second must- see is the ruined abbey of Les Chateliers in the middle of a wide green field. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous! At the end of the island lies the Phare des Baleines. You can get to that impressive lighthouse through a nice walk. These three spots are Fido-friendly.

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