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Sleeping With the Pack

Let sleeping dogs lie, so the saying goes, except our readers tell us the best night’s sleep they get is when said sleeping dog is lying by their side. Slumber is peaceful pillow to pillow, tail to tush, snout to sheet. More and more people not only admit but embrace the notion of being dog tired and letting dogs retire to bed with them.

Foster Roster (goes with image of a lot of dogs on the bed) Terry Casillas of Gulfport, Mississippi, knows all too well the comforts of Cocker butts, nubbies pressed side by side, and the pleasures of sleeping with dogs. “We have seven dogs of our own plus anywhere from one to seven foster dogs, and we let them all sleep on the bed,” Casillas admitted. Featuring a pack of Cockers, a Schnauzer and a Yorkie, Casillas admits that usually one of the dogs will snore. She’s always slept with dogs, starting at age 26, and for folks who think it is wrong? Well, she says then they “shouldn’t have a dog.”

Grab the current issue of FIDO Friendly to see pack slumber parties, and also some tips to keep Fido off the bed if your pack party is too crowded.

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