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A Wag Above the Rest

Beautiful views, great location and stellar accommodations make the Stanford Court a prime pick when staying and playing in San Francisco.

By Nicholas Sveslosky, Editor at Large

When reviewing hotels I look for great accommodations, beautiful views and unique places to dine for me, and plenty of great places for my dog to sniff. The Stanford Court in San Francisco has all of these on my checklist and more!

The Stanford Court is located in the iconic Nob Hill area of San Francisco where historical trollies run in front of the hotel to take you to China Town and Fisherman’s Wharf areas. Get ready for a hike if you’re walking down to Union Square or the Financial District as The Stanford sits on top of some of the steepest hills in San Francisco. Not to worry though, you’ll be able to take a cable car back up. Huntington Park is located on the same elevation, just one block from the hotel, and Nob Hill Café, one of the best restaurants with patio seating in San Fran, is two blocks from the hotel. Visitors will find dogs rule on most sunset nights in Huntington Park as off-leash hounds run to their heart’s content. If Fido is on voice command, this is a great way to meet dog-loving locals.

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