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Sully, a President’s Best Friend

An America’s VetDogs’ service dog lends a helping paw to a former president.

By Cheryl Smyth

Like most of his kind, Sully loves to play—anytime, anywhere, with anyone—human or canine alike. Though he enjoys his romps, he laps up being able to perform the jobs he is trained for. As an assistance dog, he helped his human friend, former president of the United States, George H.W. Bush, live more easily during day-to-day life, as Vascular Parkinsonism had taken away much of his mobility.

The two-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever joined the Bush household in June of 2018—a couple of months after the 41st leader’s constant companion, his wife, of 73 years passed away. Sully hails from America’s VetDogs, an organization that trains and supplies dogs in assorted service type expertise to help veterans to live more fully, and offer therapy and support to battle-scarred active duty personnel and first responders.

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