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Tentrr Provides Comforts of Home in the Great Outdoors

Few dogs have experienced acres to themselves to run free and reconnect with their animal spirit.

Give you and your dog a special treat by booking a fully equipped, Fido-friendly campsite for your next vacation! Tentrr is perfect for the experienced camper who’s looking to escape the crowded campground or a novice who’s never pitched a tent. Go for a dip in a freshwater swimming hole, take a hike through nature, or just post up and enjoy the gorgeous view with your best friend by your side.

Tentrr is the brainchild of Michael D’Agostino, an outdoor enthusiast who was tired of going to overcrowded campsites where he often couldn’t bring his dog or let her off leash to run free. He knew there had to be a way for people to enjoy camping and outdoor solitude without hordes of people in all directions. His solution is Tentrr, which gives its campers fully-equipped campsites on 15 acres or more of private land so you and your pup can run free.

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