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The Cinnamon Snail

A vegan organic food truck taking New York one healthy serving at a time

Interview By Susan Sims, Publisher

What is The Cinnamon Snail you may ask? Simply stated, it is a vegan food truck serving healthy food to the denizens of New York and New Jersey, however, visit The Cinnamon Snail website and be instantly transported to an Alice in Wonderland like experience. The tag line: ‘Vegan Organic Food to Inspire Peace and Bliss’ exudes the 60’s vibe and current health and wellness journey for all those in tune with cruelty-free issues.

Buckle your seat belts and get ready for an energetic ride as we speak with owner and founder, Chef Adam Sobel.

FIDO Friendly » When did you choose a vegan lifestyle?

Adam Sobel » I became vegan 13 ½ years ago when my daughter was born. My wife had been vegan for about 14 years at that point, and I agreed ethically with her reasons for doing so. Having a child made me make the connections and decide to adopt this way of life. Going vegan has been one of the most empowering decisions I have made.

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