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Three Dogs Going From Fat to Fit

Second annual weight loss challenge goes to the dogs.

New Year’s resolutions are not just for people and the following pups were chosen in January to take the weight loss challenge.

With the help of sponsors Animal Necessity, Amazing Treat Diet, Hyper-Pet, The Honest Kitchen, K-10+ Weight Control Formula, GoDogGo and Smart Cookee, These dogs will keep a weight loss diary posted on Facebook and twitter. Their big reveal will be showcased in our summer issue so please give them lots of moral support and encouragement through social media.

Meet our makeover mutts!

Schooner with pet guardian Sharon Gilbert, South Bend, Indiana. Schooner is a Vizsla. He is five years old. He has become a couch potato and it is time to get Schooner off the couch and slim down.

The reason I would like Schooner to take part in this program is to slim down because he is 30 pounds overweight. I want Schooner to be a healthy slim dog. Being on this program will help Schooner lose weight and get back in shape. Skipper would love to have his brother in shape so he can run and play with him in the backyard instead of pooping out! I know Schooner will feel much better if he lost his weight! Schooner needs help and does not want people to call him a chunky monkey or a fat Fido!


Schooner’s weight as of today 96.8 lbs. at the vet. He has lost two pounds since the last visit at the vet. Last weigh in was 98.8

When we walked in the door at the vet today the girl at the desk said “Schooner it looks like you a lost a little weight.” She said “I can tell!” She clapped for Schooner and was so proud! So was I!

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