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Top Ten Naughtiest Dogs of the Year

We all know Christmas and Hanukkah mean celebration, and that festive spirit includes our beloved dogs! Many of them are on Santa's "good boys and girls" list, but what about the ones who maybe did something naughty this year? 

We won’t tell Santa if you won’t, Schooner. Sharon Gilbert’s Viszla decided to take her undergarments to a fa la la new level. Gilbert shared, “Schooner likes taking my bras, chewing the straps off and tearing the whole bra apart.” 

Thanksgiving just might be Cocker Spaniel Heidi’s favorite holiday. Jonathan and Stella Rowlett told us, “One year, as we were preparing our Thanksgiving dinner, Heidi was eyeing the turkey dumplings on the counter. Heidi always gives you the "you-haven't-fed-me-for-a-million-years" look.” 

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