Issue 52: Nov / Dec / Jan 2012

Fido Friendly Issue 52

48 Feature GiveawaySave a Life, Win Prizes as Ink48 Marks the Spot of our $1,500 bone-anza contest. 
50 25 Days of Gift GivingWe spill the Fido sack of surprises in our annual 25 Days of Winning Prizes.
52 Hero Dogs Celebs Betty White, Carson Kressley, and Julianne Hough pay homage to the hounds.
56 International Howl-i-DogsHow Fido celebrates beyond US borders. 
58 Naughtiest Dogs of 2011Naughty is the new nice with these 10 “uh oh” canine moments.
60 Petfinder Founder, Betsy Banks SaulHow one woman changed the face of animal adoption forever.
62 Volunteer SpotlightBarrie Connolly offers support wherever she can.

31 Day TripPack the car for Fido’s Festival of Lights.
32 Forbes Only KnowsCelebrity pet expert dishes dog travel words of wisdom. 
34 The 12 Stays of Christmas Jingle all the way out of town at our top picks for howliday getaways.
40 Man + Dog x Motorcycle Sidecar =One man’s journey from loss to hope ala Spirit style.
42 THEhotel at Mandalay BayLas Vegas hotel strikes it rich and hits the canine jackpot.
44 Fido’s Florida Adventures: Part IFive Sunshine State finds to unearth and explore.
46 Montage at Deer ValleyPark City paradise welcomes powder hounds and their pack.

13 Best in ShowTaking black dogs out of the shadows and into the limelight. 
20 The ParlorChannel your inner Sherlock Bones with our tail the truth and crossword challenge.
26 Canine ConnectionItems designed with the dog-loving set in mind. 

65 Table For Two“Bone” appétit with this canine delicacy for all pack members.
67 Crate & GardenHoliday safety tips from design guru Moll Anderson.
68 Adoption StoryAmelia was a creature stirring in the night, until fate stepped in.
69 Bowser on a BudgetStocking stuffers that won’t break the piggy, er… puppy, bank.
70 He Yaps/She YapsWhat to do when a second dog brings double trouble to the pack. 

71 The GlossaryVeterinarian-to-English dictionary. 
72 PsychologyCan a non-dog family share good tidings with Fido’s holiday visits? 
74 Diet/NutritionSkip the indigestion, savor the holiday spirit. 
76 The Doc is In How to handle (and prevent) ear infections.
90 The BackyardPeople making a difference in our own backyard. Feeding pets of the homeless takes center stage.

14 LocalSanta gets mail, but so do we in Letters.
16 Leave No Dog OfflineThe fur flies on Facebook and our Blog.
24 FIDO ExpoThere’s snow time like tongue time with our 50 best reader-submitted images.

galleria77Pining puppies and mellowed mutigrees wish list of must-have holiday items.
marketplace 85 Select picks for discriminating pooches.

86 Hotels and Inns where dogs are warmly welcomed.

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    Road Trip with my dog Shark

    The must sees from La Rochelle to Mont Saint Michel.

    By Maria Himmich

    What I love about road trips is the freedom to stop by anywhere and anytime I see a beautiful landscape or feel that my dog Shark needs to stretch her legs. During my last stay in France, I decided to hit the road to dis- cover the West coast of the country, from Bordeaux South to Mont Saint Michel North.

    First stop. The...

  • Waterfalling in Love with the Parks and Urban Delights of Greenville

    Waggin at the waterpark in Greenville

    Find canine southern comfort in this South Carolina haven.

    By Robin Tierney

    Big, beautiful waterfalls right in the center of downtown? You know you’re in a special place, even before you and Fido discover Greenville’s cascade of other charms.

    Here, Southern hospitality is authentic, and it extends to canines of all breeds and sizes. At least 125 restaurants welcome dogs, as do the lovely parks...

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    Whistler, Canada's Fido Friendly Mountain Paradise

    Find Fido-Friendly fun on and off the slopes

    By Robin Tierney

    Take a walk anywhere around Whistler and you’ll soon see why this mountain resort is regarded as the “dog-friendly” capital of Canada. With numerous Fido-friendly hotels, canine hospitality and support services, and an epic offering of dog walking trails, it’s the perfect place for a Fido-friendly vacation. But where’s the best place...

  • Breckenridge Offers an Avalanche of Thrills Year-Round

    Breckenridge is among Colorado's most beautiful destinations

    Find Fido-Friendly fun on and off the slopes.

    By Robin Tierney

    What do you bring to a celebration dedicated to the God of snow? Viking helmets and dogs, judging by the annual January ULLR Festival in Breckenridge.

    Due to its high elevation, this Colorado mountain town is known for extra-long seasons of skiing and snowboarding on nearly 3,000 acres and five peaks of epic terrain. But now Breck...

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