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Unique Discoveries

In Reno and South Lake Tahoe

By Nicholas Sveslosky, Editor

Reno, Nevada is a hidden gem. With direct flights from major cities offered by Alaska Airlines and with Fido allowed to join you on the flight, Reno is now within barking distance for those wishing to travel with their dogs. Many that come into Reno may continue on to South Lake Tahoe for their final destination, but there are a few things not to miss in Reno’s downtown area as you make your way to Lake Tahoe.

Restaurants and retail shops line Reno’s Riverwalk to welcome you and your pooch for a dinning and shopping experience. One restaurant to dive into that is situated on Riverwalk is Campo. This neighborhood, locally sourced and Fido-friendly restaurant features cheese tastings, soups, pastas, pizzas and just as many toppings as you can think of to put on your food. Their food is fresh, and their atmosphere is friendly.

After the engines are full, the Riverwalk beckons you and Fido to explore. Fido-friendly shops welcome you and your dog with water basins and a few treats for Fido. There are Fido-friendly parks along the Riverwalk, and you and Fido can take in the sites at Wingfield park where you might spot a few Kayakers sprinting the Truckee River at Kayak park.

Heading out of town and on your way to South Lake Tahoe, be sure to visit one of the best-preserved mining towns in the country. Virginia City is located about a 40 minutes drive outside of Reno. This old mining town has its original wooden sidewalks, and many of the old buildings have been preserved to keep the feel of what it was like in the 1800s when this city was a booming gold and silver mining town. Many came to stake their claim, and some became millionaires overnight. This growth led to a boom in Virginia City, and that attracted the wealthy and the well known such as Mark Twain to report and capture the city’s growth. A must is to take a ride on the Virginia City Trolley, as the driver downloads all the history of the town as you travel through its main and side streets. Be sure to ask the driver if it’s okay that Fido come along with you, and with the drivers discretion you and your pooch may be in for a great ride through the city.

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