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Victoria Stilwell—A Shelter Dog’s Best Friend

Star of the TV hit show, “It’s Me or the Dog” rallies for shelter pets as spokesperson for Fido Friendly’s “Get Your Licks on Route 66” tour.

Victoria Stilwell is big into providing second chances—especially if you happen to be a dog.

The no-nonsense star of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog” show spends many hours dealing with mutt mayhem and feuding families, but relishes the time she spends in her Atlanta area home with her husband, Van; daughter, Alexandra and a pair of rescued dogs answering to the names of Sadie and Jasmine.

When approached to be the spokesperson for the Fido Friendly’s fourth annual “Get Your Licks on Route 66” pet adoption tour, Stilwell quickly said yes.

“The appeal to me is that this special Route 66 tour highlights the plight of homeless animals,” says Stilwell. “I am happy and honored to be the spokesperson and to raise awareness and encourage people to attend the adoption days in their communities.”

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