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Waterfalling in Love with the Parks and Urban Delights of Greenville

Find canine southern comfort in this South Carolina haven.

By Robin Tierney

Big, beautiful waterfalls right in the center of downtown? You know you’re in a special place, even before you and Fido discover Greenville’s cascade of other charms.

Here, Southern hospitality is authentic, and it extends to canines of all breeds and sizes. At least 125 restaurants welcome dogs, as do the lovely parks in and surrounding the town and stylish lodgings from B&Bs to hotels. The delights are in the details, so let us unleash a sampling of uniquely Greenville activities you can dig with Fido.

Spend several hours at Falls Park on the Reedy River. This urban park’s distinctive features include beautiful rocky waterfalls, tiered stone-walled paths and flower beds. And the Liberty Bridge, a curved ultra light architectural feat spanning 345 feet across the river. Held in the air by a single suspension cable, it offers unforgettable views of the gardens and the waterfalls that used to power mills.

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