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Yapping it up in a Yurt

In search of an adventure during the mundane weeks of “off-season” in the resort town where we reside, I decided to take my pups to an area of Colorado we had not yet explored: Colorado’s Western Slope Wine Country. I pinpointed a region called Garvin Mesa, which overlooks Paonia, a quaint Rocky Mountain town nestled half way between Aspen and Delta in western Colorado.

Being a wine enthusiast of both European and Californian wines, I was curious to discover what Colorado wineries had to offer, not to mention their rumored pet-friendly estates. Visions of my two enthusiastic Bernese Mountain Dogs romping merrily around a Vineyard whilst sampling a fine Cuvee, was more than I could imagine of an idyllic wine tasting experience.

To add to the adventure, I decided to book us into a pet-friendly Yurt recommended to us. A Yurt is traditionally a large round tent that the Nomads of Mongolia have used as transportable homes for centuries.

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