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10 Things You’ll Need To Travel With Your Pet This Holiday Season

Sam Bourne shared these great tips with FIDO and we just had to share with you too!  (See below for info about the Holiday Dog Treat Recipe contest too !)

December is a month full of  holiday-related travel especially for those of us freed from the burden of having to host the big holiday dinner. If you are one of the thousands of people making the trek out to a friend or family member’s home this year, and you plan on bringing your trusty companion, here are a few things you will need to pack to keep your furry friend in high holiday spirits.

1. Food

This is the most essential item (your pet probably agrees), especially considering you can never be certain that the stores where you are going will carry your brand. Make sure you pack enough food for the amount of days you will be away from home, plus a little extra in case travel takes longer than expected.

2. Food and Water Bowls

You’re not planning on just slopping their food on the floor, are you? Bring their bowls, or pick up some nifty travel ones if packing space is tight. You don’t want to assume that your destination is going to be on board with letting your pet eat off their flatware. Plus, travel water bowls are super handy for long car drives.

3. Crate or Carrier

To assure safe passage to your destination, keeping your pet safely crated away for the majority of the trip is the best way to make sure they are out of harm’s way. Just remember to give them a pit stop when you can!

4. Their Pet Bed

Since not all homes keep a spare pet-sized bed around (and aren’t too keen on letting pets make their couch a temporary nest), bring their bedding with you. It might also help to make your pet feel at home when they’re in an otherwise foreign place.

5. Your Pet’s Favorite Toys

You want to make sure that your pet has something to pass the time, and better to give them something familiar to chew on than have them end up using your host’s boots.

6. Treats

Travel can do a number on your pet’s nerves. A treat every now and again can help put them in good spirits. Also, there are special calming treats available that work wonders on otherwise anxious pets.

7. Leash, Collar, and ID

If your pet should get loose far away from home, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure that they are able to be traced back to you. If they aren’t already, get your pet set up with a secure collar and an up to date ID tag. Or, better yet, get them microchipped.

8. Medications and Vet Info

If your pet has any medications that they might need, make sure to pack them. You wouldn’t leave home without your kid’s inhaler or epipen, so remember to bring all your pet’s meds to ensure that they are in good health for the duration of the trip. Their vet records will be important if you have to make an emergency or unexpected trip to a vet you’ve never been to before.

9. Cleaning Supplies and/or Litter Box

If you are traveling with cats, make sure to bring a litter box. You don’t want your cat resorting to using a secluded corner of the basement, or a potted plant. And for dog owners, make sure you pack some plastic bags to collect their little holiday presents -- but check them for holes first!

10. Holiday Stocking and Gifts!

Don’t forget to get your pet a little something special (or a big something) for the holiday! It’s the reason for the season! And a nice, paw shaped, monogrammed stocking to help deck the halls is always a welcome addition to any pet-lover’s mantle.

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