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9 Questions to Ask When Looking for a FIDO Friendly Hotel

FIDO’s new friend  Christie Zizo,  (Blogger,  Life With  shared these great tips with us –and we just had to share them with you too! 

More hotels are going pet-friendly.  But does that mean the hotel is automatically right for your dog?  Just because a hotel allows your pet to stay doesn’t mean they are pet friendly. Here are 9 things to consider when picking the right hotel for you and your pet.

9 Questions to Ask When Looking for a FIDO Friendly Hotel

1. Where do they keep the pet friendly hotel rooms? You are looking forward to a deluxe room with a view of the beach. But the pet-friendly rooms are standard rooms – overlooking a parking lot.  Ooh and the dumpster.

Many hotels have blocks available for people with pets. Sometimes those rooms are not the nicest rooms, or in the prime locations.  For instance, at a resort we stayed at near Universal Studios Orlando we couldn’t bring our dogs to the deluxe room overlooking the pool. Pet-friendly rooms were standard only, on the far end of the resort. It may have had a nice view, but it wasn’t necessarily convenient, and we couldn’t get a bigger room.  Consider this when booking your vacation.

2. What kind of guests does your hotel normally cater to? My family and I attended a convention at a hotel outside New Orleans a few years ago. While the hotel was pet-friendly, it was mainly a business hotel. Our room was surrounded by airline employees just arrived from a flight. You can bet these employees were not happy about our beagle’s howling.

Sometimes you need to make the best judgment about a place. It requires knowing your dog. My beagle has a loud howl. Will that be a problem? You can’t keep a dog muzzled the whole time you’re away from them.

3. What are the rules on barking? Some hotels actually have strict policies on barking. One hotel we stayed at said if the barking continued and we were not there to deal with it they would remove the dog to a kennel. You know your dog. If your dog is uncomfortable with being in a strange room with people walking by, you should probably find other arrangements.

4. Where will the pet be able to use the bathroom? Going back to that hotel outside New Orleans, turns out there wasn’t much of an area for the dog to use the restroom. No grass, no mulch, no special spaces. The only soft areas were the little squares at the sidewalks where trees had been planted. Our dog is not a city dog. She’s never gone on concrete. It was a bit of a challenge.

5. Do you have any pet-friendly amenities? This can be a pet potty area. This can also be special doggy beds, dog bowls, toys, room service or a massage. It’s amazing what some hotels are doing to make your pet feel like a welcome guest. The more people ask for pet amenities, the more hotels may start considering it.

6. What are the rules on accidents? It happens, especially when a pet is in a strange place. You should probably pack some good carpet cleaner and paper towels just in case.

7. Any places dogs can’t be? The restaurant, lounge and bar are wide open and spill into the lobby. But the minute your dog steps inside the restaurant area, you may be told to leave. Know the rules. Even at a pet-friendly hotel there are many places dogs can’t be. Sometimes that’s good to know ahead of time.

8. Are dogs allowed on your shuttle buses? You’re flying in with your pet. How do you plan on getting to the hotel? Some have free buses. But can your pet ride on them? Find out ahead of time. This is also true if they offer free transportation to places like parks, shopping districts or attractions where pets might be welcome.

9. Anything that might spook my pet?  How close is the hotel to main streets? Will they hear a lot of noise from cars, emergency vehicles, trains, or just people outside? If that’s the case, see if you can get a room higher up or not so close to streets.

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