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A Vacation With Your Dog that Helps Homeless Dogs

Glen Highland Farm is a place of rolling hillsides, flowered meadows and lush forest, 175-acres of gorgeous New York countryside. There’s a 250-year old barn surrounded in fields of green with dozens of Border Collies running around, chasing and playing herding games with each other. Wait… Border Collies?
The Farm is home to the largest, one-of-a-kind Border Collie rescue, for dogs of all ages, needing a new home due to a poor fit, divorce or death in the family, or new living situation. Since its inception 15 years ago, the Farm has found homes for close to 3000 dogs. But the most unique thing about this rescue is that you can vacation at the Farm!
The Farm opens its gates during the summer months for the Glen Highland Farm Getaway vacations. Dog-lovers travel to the Farm to escape to the countryside with their dogs. There’s a network of hiking trails, cabins tucked into the woods, RVs overlooking meadows and chaise lounges and hammocks by the Creek. You’ll join people and their dogs of ALL BREEDS, enjoy off-leash hiking, swimming and relaxing in a true dog-lover’s paradise. Plus, you can meet the rescue dogs since the 200 Border Collies that come into rescue every year live on-site at the Farm.
“This is the place to go, if you are a dog lover. Dogs run freely and they have a blast. My dog was in heaven. The staff and the accommodations are beyond perfect. The staff will go above and beyond all the expectations you may have. We had an amazing time and can't wait to come back to this magic place. This place is every dogs dream.”
  Karl V, Chelmsford MA
“Our canine family had a blast! Miles of trails are groomed and there is access to swimming and hiking available at numerous points along the way. At stopping points, there are chairs. loungers, water for dogs and people, and umbrellas for shade. If you love doing things with your dogs, and they are social with other dogs, the Getaway could be for you.
- Dolores M., NJ
“My dog thinks it is heaven on earth, I do too.  We loved hiking all the trails and just sitting up on the top of the hill and looking out over the farm it was so peaceful. The great thing about this place, you can follow your dog instead of your dog having to be leashed and following you all the time!”
- Carole J, FL placed the Getaway as their #1 destination:
 “The place we saw last summer that I’d most like to return is Glen Highland Farm. Buster and I could have easily spent a week exploring all 200 leash-free acres, splashing in the creek, and soaking up the sun from a hammock. Knowing that all of this goes to support Sweet Border Collie Rescue just adds to the experience. We only spent one night with John and Lillie last summer, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Rent one of their cabins, RVs, or tents and treat yourself to a truly unique dog friendly vacation.”
Susan, Wade & Megi, NH
“For the past three years, we've gladly driven 10 hours to spend a few days of pure bliss at Glen Highland Farm's Getaway. We enjoy cooking over a wood fire, roasting marshmallows, exploring the fields, and relaxing in hammocks next to the burbling stream. The comfortable cabins and hot showers turn this into a luxury vacation. For the dogs... it's paradise. At Glen Highland Farm, our dogs can just "be." They can run, swim, and sleep to their hearts' content. It's not just a vacation with our dogs; it's a vacation FOR our dogs. Bless you, John and Lillie, for opening up your home and giving us the chance to see what pure joy looks like on a dog's face.”
--Danica, Heather, Carter, Dixie and Scotch, CT
Giving you and your dog a truly spectacular vacation is surely a bucket-list idea but this getaway comes with a special promise - to help save dog’s lives.   So, while you’re having a great time, homeless, abandoned Border Collies have a chance to find new purpose!
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All proceeds from your vacation benefit the Farm’s onsite Border Collie rescue!
The Getaway at Glen Highland Farm 
217 Pegg Road, Morris, NY 13808
Office: 607-263-5416

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