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August 24 How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay Winner

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

by Suzy Stidham for Lucy Cavalier from Hayward, California

My mom is the Northern CA Coordinator for Cavalier Rescue USA.  She is very busy helping needy Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (like my tri-brother, Oliver) find their perfect forever home. She never has time to take a real vacation but this year, my two fur siblings and I talked her into taking a road trip in our RV up the coast.

We are good travelers and love a new adventure. We traveled the Washington and Oregon coasts, stopping along the way at dog-friendly restaurants and lodging. Everywhere we went folks stopped to chat with mom and pet us. It was good to get so much attention and we were on our best behavior.

One morning we spied a gorgeous beach and begged mom to stop.  We aren’t allowed off leash unless we are at a dog park or designated off-leash area but Kissing Rock Beach in Gold River, Oregon was pristine and deserted. What better place to take a morning romp.  We loved the carefree time all together.  Mom enjoyed just watching us gleeful running in the sand. We sniffed out new treasures and she showed us what a razor clam looks like. She said we could look but couldn't’t take any of the driftwood home. It was only there for a good sniff.

As you can see from the photos, I am wearing pink because I am the girly girl of our fur family. I am curious but take my time checking out new sights. I’m a bit of a momma’s girl so I stick close to her much of the time.

My sister, Annie, dressed in green, is my older sister. My mom calls her the “Cairn Terror” but I don’t think that’s really her name. She tends to be bossy and very independent and loves to be in charge.  She has a good nose and leads us on our exploration of the beach Annie discovered that eating jelly fish remnants is not conducive to good digestion. We tried to warn her against it but she was relentless and had to find out the hard way.

That’s Oliver, wearing red, is our adopted brother. He had a family that didn't’t take good care of him and he made his way into rescue five years ago. Mom fostered him and decided that he should be part of our fur family. You would never know he is my brother from another mother because we are very close and like to hang out together.

We were all a bit melancholy as we headed home but once we arrived we were happy to rediscover our toy box. It always good to be home.

Prizes won from Woodrow Wear and Zymox.

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