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  • The Gentle Barn Supports Be Kind to Animals Week and National Pet Week

    Gentle Barn

    Ellie Laks and The Gentle Barn’s Tips shared these tips for Preventing Animal Cruelty with us and we just had to share!

    May 4-10 marks one of the most important weeks of the year for animal lovers fighting to prevent animal cruelty.  The annually celebrated “Be Kind to Animals” and “National Pet Week” seeks to promote awareness and spread the message about how the public can help prevent animal...

  • Howl-o-ween on a Boo-string Budget

    Goblins and ghouls, candy corn and cornstalks, doggy costume contests and parades: it’s that time of year when Fido gets a scary groove on and dons the Halloween garb.

    Continued from Bowser on a Budget story this issue, here is another ghouling costume. 

    Pupto Bismol

    No tummy aches with Surf Dog Ricochet to the rescue. This adorable Pupto Bismol creation is the handiwork of Judi Fridono of San...

  • Bowser on a Budget July/August 2011

    In addition to the stellar properties listed in our sizzling hot 50th celebratory issue of FIDO Friendly magazine (Windmill Inn, Wonder View Inn & Suites, Woof Cottages and Hidden Springs Resort), here are some tips to make Bowser's vacation fabulous, fret-free and without breaking the bank.

    Doggie brown bag it: Plan your route and pitstops with a fun picnic basket style lunch for ravenous road...

  • Hide and Go Fleece: Make your dog a play toy

    Tired of chewed up toys? Why not braid and make your own? FIDO Friendly fan Kay Tucker shares her quick tip to make a tie-toy without ending up in knots.

    •    Purchase a yard of fleece (watch for buy a yard, get a yard sale) and cut into strips according to the width desired.
    •    Secure one end of the two cut pieces to a chair and start braiding tightly. Simultaneously pull the fleece toward you...

  • Canine Savings

    Ready for a little spring cleaning? How about cleaning out Fido’s piggybank without breaking it? In this issue, we’ve scoured the Fido cupboards for haute finds geared at cool dogs. Head to the park, hit the holiday road and travel well with the family canine companion riding shotgun. With the extra savings from this column, start a rainy day fund. For now, everything’s come up roses (at a...

  • Pinching Puppy Pennies

    Pinching puppy pennies. Traveling and saving with Bowser on a budget. Fido being frugal. These are the signs of our economic times and who doesn’t love saving money? In each issue of the magazine, we’ll be providing our readers tips and hints on savings with travel, health and wellness, lifestyle and even fashion for Fido. Break out Fido’s piggy bank and watch those savings add up!

    Health &...

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