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Celebrating our Love and Finding FIDO

February 14 is all about celebrating our love for those who matter most and FIDO is at the top of that list!  While there are many ways to spoil your precious pooch, FIDO put together the Top 5 on our “Love List”.

#5 – NEW COLLAR/Bandana/Sweater  – At the risk of sounding vain most of us DO love it when you bestow us with a fun new addition to our doggy ensemble. It’s probably more about us loving the extra smiles and giggles YOU get when you deck us out in our new doggy wear (and those always necessary pictures you take) because let’s face it, making you happy make us happy.

#4 – TREATS – It’s true – food is always going to make the list and an extra treat is always special to us. Whether it’s a baby carrot, a home-made doggy biscuit or just one more of the normal every day goodies you reward us with, that one extra one makes us wiggle with glee.

#3 – BELLY RUBS -  It’s really just as simple as giving FIDO a few minutes of extra attention and those tickly belly rubs are definitely wag worthy.

#2 -  LONGER WALKS  - Those magic words “want to go out?” are pure joy to FIDO and an extra long walk (or run around the back yard with the tennis ball or Frisbee) really shows us how much you love spending quality time with us.

#1 – CUDDLE TIME!  On Valentines night a GRR-eat way to get in the mood is by curling up on the sofa with your best furry friend and turning in to  Z Living’s newest original series Finding Fido  - it’s all about matchmaking—only instead of human couples, host (and FIDO friend!) Seth Casteel is pairing people with pooches.  

Watch as canine expert and photographer Seth Casteel helps an enthusiastic dog owner-to-be find his or her perfect companion. Whether it’s a sociable dog that can help owners overcome shyness, an active dog that encourages exercise, or even a dog that can help detect the onset of an owner’s epileptic seizure, Casteel matches each participant’s specialized needs and criteria to his or her new best friend. 


So tune in this Tuesday at 9PM EST and see how these cuties find their fur-ever homes and add a lot more love to their new humans lives – here’s a sneak peak!


Z Living’s newest original series Finding FIDO airs Tuesdays at 9PM EST. The Z Living network brings you the best in health & wellness entertainment.

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