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Cool Pet Pad

When traveling last year for our 7th annual cross-country pet adoption tour, Get Your Licks on Route 66®, we placed the Cool Pet Pads inside both dog crates for Junior and Jake since they would be making the eight thousand mile trek with us in our quest to help place pets in to new forever homes.

Offered exclusively by The Green Pet Shop, the innovative cooling pad can be used any time, any place and the best part - no more leaks, charging or searching for the right size battery. The Cool Pet Pad utilizes innovative eco-friendly technology so it does not require electricity, water or batteries.

The pads are pressure activated and can cool for hours at a time. They then take only 20 minutes to recharge themselves after a brief period of non-use.

Ways to use the Cool Pet Pad:

  • When traveling in a car
  • Inside a dog bed
  • For senior dogs
  • Those suffering from allergies and skin conditions
  • Post surgery
  • For hip dysplasia

Pads are lightweight, durable, come in variety of sizes, and should travel wherever you and your four-legged friend go.

Starting at $24.99


*Author was provide the use of two Cool Pet Pads

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