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FIDO Friendly’s Gotta-Read 7 Blog Links: Paying it Forward: Tripbase Blog Post Project

I was recently asked by Cosmo Havanese’s dog mom, Diane Silver, to paw-ticipate in a fun new concept in dog blogging: The 7 Links.   No, not a grouping of golf courses, but 7 links I am proud and privileged to share from the FIDO Friendly blog. So thanks for tagging me, Diane, and I will pass the good word and tag-fest on to 5 more pet bloggers. Having been blogging for close to two years, this was a tough decision on each!

At the bottom are 5 blogs I have tagged to take the torch and run with for their 7 best links.

Away we go:

FIDO Friendly’s most beautiful post: Beauty to me means reaching out when the chips are down, when life tries to walk away, but faith intervenes. One of the first blog posts I did for FIDO Friendly involved Francesca Solara and a “second chi at life.” I still cry (from a good place) every time I read this:

FIDO Friendly’s most popular post: We recently migrated to a new website and blog, but the one that seemed to elicit the greatest visceral reaction and bring out the shared commonality of grief is “Anatomy of a Grieving Dog Mom,” which is presently nominated by Dogtime Media as best blog post of the year. Not long after this photo my baby girl's health declined and I lost her shortly thereafter. Eternally painfully missed.

FIDO Friendly’s most controversial post: Hmmm this is a tough one. Controversy to me is stirring the pot and getting people to chime in and make their voice heard. Dr. Laci Schaible chimed in on a vet’s guide to choosing vaccines. We raise our water bowls to this one, Dr. Laci!


FIDO Friendly’s most helpful post: We receive a tremendous outpouring from folks on our Product Reviews. We test the latest, greatest and hottest products to hit the dog market and have our pooches tell us the tail-wagging truth. Time and again, fans have responded how helpful the reviews have been. We wag our tails at that:

FIDO Friendly’s a post whose success surprised you: This is easy. In one word: TONGUES! We started a simple little photo contest on our blog. Show us a picture of your dog’s tongue. We figured a few dozen people would enjoy this, as we all have a picture with our dog’s tongue showing in some capacity. We asked readers to show us their Fido’s tongues over the past year and wow, did you ever! We’ve been publishing 50 new dogs showing their tongues with each issue! Some winners are selected online for prizes  and others appear on the pages of FIDO Friendly magazine. More than 2,000 photos later, this has become a tongue phenomenon and we love our fans for it!

FIDO Friendly’s post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: My dog, Dexter, has a twin named Rudy. He needs a forever home and is such a loving, happy little boy, who like all foster dogs and dogs in shelters, asks nothing more than love and a family. He still needs that home. Can you help?

The post of which I am most proud: I’ve already mentioned the Anatomy of a Grieving Dog Mom post, and that is my feather, my heart, my innermost dog love revealed. Runner up is when I appeared on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King Show with my pooch to dish dog:

To see and hear my name in conjunction with Oprah keeps me running on, running on, every day:

Here are the five bloggers whom I follow regularly to keep this relay going!

Pet News and Views

The Tiniest Tiger

Grouchy Puppy


Notes from the Funny Farm


Join the FIDO Friendly magazine pack and never a single issue of the one magazine your dog will thank you for.


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