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FlipKey: A Travel Resource for People Looking for Fido-Friendly Accommodations

FIDO's own Susan Sims, Publisher FIDO Friendly magazine, shares FlipKey - A travel resource for people looking for Fido-friendly accommodations.

I always enjoy traveling with my dogs and some of the most relaxing times have been when staying at private homes. My husband and I along with our two dogs, Junior and Jake like the comforts of home and when a hotel is not on the agenda, searching for a private home or condo is made easy by using FlipKey.  FlipKey has many pet-friendly properties to choose from where both you and Fido are welcome.

Since 2007, FlipKey has been a great resource for people traveling with pets because it provides an easy way to search and find pet-friendly accommodations with reviews to back up the rental. You are able to stay in a nice, clean accommodation that is pet-friendly and sometimes even caters to those with pets including providing dog crates, toys, etc.

On a recent trip to Door County, I used the FlipKey service to locate the perfect place to unwind and spend a week. Their website is easy to navigate and reading the reviews is very helpful in determining just the right fit for the entire family, Fido included!

How it works:

1. Find an apartment, condo or home to rent on FlipKey
2. Book your reservation and be sure to let them know you are bringing your dog.
3.  Make sure you know where to receive the keys upon arrival and check in!

With plenty of holiday travel ahead for 2014, make it easy to plan for the entire family by using FlipKey, you will be sure to find the perfect getaway.

For more information, check out their website listing pet-friendly rentals here:

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