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Holiday Road Trips with Your Furry Best Friend

Traveling during the holidays is always an adventure – especially when you take your furry friend along. 

Kennels and pet hotels fill up fast this time of year, and let’s face it, your pup would much rather spend the holidays with the family.  When making plans to visit out-of-town friends and relatives this holiday season, there are several things you can do to ensure a safe and enjoyable road trip for every member of the family, especially the four-legged variety. 



Plan Your Adventure

Before you begin your journey, visit the vet to make sure your pup’s vaccinations and microchip contact information are up to date, plan your route, and make reservations at pet-friendly hotels.  Pack a bag for your pup.  Be sure to include his regular food, a leash, his microchip/medical and vaccine information, and a familiar toy and blanket for comfort.   Check the weather report – if it will be colder than your pup is accustomed to, you may want to bring along some cold weather gear.


Snacking and Drinking

You might be tempted to give your pup food and water in the car, but to avoid motion sickness, wait until you arrive at your destination to feed your pup his regular meal.   When traveling long distances, be sure to allow time in the schedule for regular breaks.  Your pup will need to stop every few hours to relieve himself, get some much-needed exercise, and enjoy a snack and a drink of water. 


Protect Your Vehicle – Forever!

Traveling with dogs can be a messy affair.Consider protecting the cargo area of your vehicle with a 4Knines® Cargo Liner.  Available in three sizes and colors, this padded and quilted liner is constructed from durable, luxurious, water resistant materials and will protect your cargo area from dog hair, muddy paws, claw-marks, and motion sickness related “accidents.” If your pup travels in the back seat of your vehicle, protect your upholstery with a 4Knines® Rear Seat Cover. Providing luxurious comfort for your pet, 4Knines® covers feature convenient seat belt openings along with a non-slip backing and sturdy seat anchors to keep the cover in place. 4Knines® Rear Seat Covers are available in a variety of sizes and colors including one with a “hammock” option to keep your pup from jumping into the front seat or from hitting the floorboard when you hit the brakes in an emergency.

4Knines® is a small, family-owned business who contributes a portion of all sales to animal charities  .Best of all – 4Knines Seat Covers and Cargo Liners are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee making them the last covers you will ever buy!

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