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How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay Winner July 13

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay Winner

By Mar Sension with help from Wyatt from Altoona, PA  

Hi!  My name is Wyatt and I want to tell you about my most awesome family vacation ever

The beach?  We’re going to the beach?  A wedding?  I have no idea what that means but I sense you’re excited so I am too!  My sister Maddi and I couldn’t believe when you began packing things and said, “Do you want to go too?”  Of course we do!  Let’s roll!

So with that, we all piled into the SUV for the 10 hour trip to the much anticipated North Carolina beach wedding.  Not only did we get to spend time with our very special friends who were being married, we were even in the photo shoot!  The bride and groom looked terrific and I must admit that Maddi and I also looked charming!  For dogs.  What a memorable celebration that was for all!

I got my first feel and taste of sand and the ocean.  We went to the beach every day and some days in the early morning, we got to run free like the wind on the sand and play in the water!  At first I wasn’t sure what those long rolling water things were that kept coming towards me but Maddi helped me understand it was just magic water that could move!  I learned to bark back my greeting to them each time they “waved” hello!  Rolling in that wet sand was the best!  Luckily we were able to rinse off in the outside people shower and that was great fun too!

Pelicans!  I had never seen one of those before and they were huge!  They liked me to chase them and it made me feel good to know that I was the one that had herded them all together in that nice V shape.  It was my task to be sure no one was left behind when they flew away.  I’d sure feel badly about that.

We got to go fishing, played with the kids, took walks and got lots of lovin’ and belly rubs after our long, busy days.  We cuddled in the evenings and sometimes we even got some popcorn and cheese! We saw some beautiful things my people called sunrises and sunsets. 

I see now why my family gets as excited about those as I do seeing a big ‘ol steak in my dreams. But it wasn’t only that; I could sense that same feeling of contentment and peace as when I crawl into the welcoming lap of someone in my family.

There’s comfort in being close, making memories and watching a day begin and end together - that’s what it’s all about.


*Winning essay winner received product from Woodrow Wear and Pet King Brands.

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