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How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay Winner July 27

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

By: Angela Stewart Bernier


My husband Daniel and I have a “rescued” Chiweenie named Honeybun. She found us two years ago and has been a member of our family ever since. This means that she travels a lot with us. We love the beach, so we took her with us to Gulf Shores, Alabama and the surrounding areas recently.

We have to travel through Mobile and through the tunnel to get to Gulf Shores. She was wide-eyed and alert as we drove through. She looked like she was on some space mission traveling at warp speed as she sat in my lap and stared at the lights on the ceiling of the tunnel. Tunnels make me nervous, especially since that movie came out several years ago, but she seemed just fine with it.

The area has several hotel/rental houses to choose from that are dog friendly. She doesn’t sleep in the bed with us at home, but she got to on this trip! Being in a new place, she was a little nervous and couldn’t relax in her crate. So, she slept with us, curled up under the blankets.  She’s a cold-natured little dog!

She enjoyed the beach, sniffing all around the sand where various other animals had been, including other dogs, and a multitude of sea gulls. The water was a different story though. She wasn’t fond of it at all. It was too cold for her liking. But, she loved snoozing in the warm sand. We went down to Ft. Morgan and went to the beach there as well. The Ft. Morgan area was more secluded and there weren’t too many other dogs there to make her nervous.

We took the Mobile Bay Ferry from Ft. Morgan over to Dauphin Island. We carried her to the top deck and let her enjoy the breeze for the 30 minute trip. She was the only dog on the ferry that day so she got quite a bit of attention from admiring passengers.  She not only rides well in the car, but she rides well on boats too. No sea sickness!

Dauphin Island is entirely “dog-friendly”, which meant there were quite a few dogs on the beach when we got there. This didn’t suit her too well.  Plus, it was a fairly long walk from the parking lot, down the wooden boardwalk, and across the hot sand, so we took turns carrying her most of the way.  Once we were on the beach under our canopy, she relaxed and rested in the warm sand again, like she’d done at the beach in Gulf Shores.

She’ll definitely be going back with us! 

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