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It’s Not A Vacation Without FIDO

Aramark Leisure, provider of lodging and activities in national parks and forests throughout the United States, has polled its pet-owning customers on their travel habits. The results are overwhelming; with 97 percent of dog owners saying they will bring fido on their family vacations, and more than 40% of pet owners saying leaving their dog at home is not an option.

Pet owners see their dogs as part of the family and feel guilt/concern when they travel without their furry companion, according to a Facebook poll conducted recently by Aramark. Dog-friendly hotels and availability of dog-friendly activities and dining are the biggest deciding factors as to whether or not people bring their dogs or not. With more than 62% of Americans having at least one dog at home, according to the Humane Society, these decisions affect millions of Americans.

Here are tips and location recommendations to help in planning your upcoming vacations:

 - Do your research. Find out who offers pet friendly amenities and what they are.

 - Keep a familiar blanket or toy with your pet to help it feel more comfortable during the trip.

 - If putting your pet in a crate for travel, make sure your dog has been well exercised to burn off excess energy.

 - Take your dog to the vet for a check up before going on an extended trip.

 - Make sure all their vaccinations are up to date and take their shot records with you.

 - Bring along a supply of their regular food and some local, or bottled, water. Be sure to bring any medications they need.

A variety of places are pet friendly, and in addition to lodging options for your pet, they may also have a variety of outdoor activities.  Activities for your pet include hiking, swimming, boating and fishing.

Below are a few suggestions around the country that offer pet friendly accommodations:

Lake Powell:

Location- Arizona/Utah
Pet friendly lodging: Hotel, camping, houseboats
Pet friendly activities: hiking, swimming, boating, fishing


Location: Wyoming
Pet friendly lodging: Cabins
Pet friendly activities: Hiking, fishing

Olympic National Park & Forest

Location: Washington
Pet friendly lodging: hotel, camping
Pet friendly activities: hiking*, swimming, boating, fishing
(In Olympic National Forest only)

Zephyr Cove:

Location: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Pet friendly lodging: cabins, camping
Pet friendly activities: swimming, boating, fishing

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