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KASA TV welcomes FIDO Friendly talking dog travels, products and news

FIDO Friendly magazine appeared on television this week with the very hospitable Nikki Stanzione on KASA TV in New Mexico. Yours truly joined Nikki via Skype to offer helpful tips and advice for traveling with your dog. I talked about everything from products and accessories, to car travel, diet and packing ideas for dogs on the road.

Some of the products mentioned and their links are listed below for reference. Meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy this fun and informative segment.

Pet Travel with Fido Friendly:

The Anxiety Wrap was invented by a professional dog trainer, helps dogs (& cats) overcome their fears and anxieties using the gentle technique of Maintained Pressure. In the $35 range. Put it on your dog and acclimate them before thunderstorms, separation, fireworks. My Dexter got used to this and wore it during non-stress times. Good for training a dog fearful of travel.

Dehydrated food and all-natural treats called Smooches from The Honest Kitchen. Heart shaped chicken and cranberry treats for dogs. Wholesome, hand made and baked. No wheat, corn, soy or fillers. Lucy Postins is the founder and makes all dehydrated foods, all natural for dogs. Smooches are available in two sizes and range between $11 and $14.

An essential for every dog owner’s first aid kit, the first aid bandana from Wag’n Enterprises. Covers basic first aid, phone number for poison control, CPR techniques, what to do in certain emergent health situations for Fido. Pet can wear it, people as a bandana on head or wrist. Can wrap a wound, use it to cool the pet, an emergency muzzle. Best $7.95 you can spend for peace of mind.

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