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Travel in Style - Be Organized - Keep Your Back Happy

You know how a bag can make or break a trip? Is it easy to find your hotel room key or does it got lost in a black abyss? Is your airline ticket easily accessible or crumpled underneath your wallet? Would you love a way to keep FIDO’s treats handy and easy to find when out and about?

A great solution is the amazing travel lifesaver, the Healthy Back Bag ® , to take along on your spring break sightseeing tours and fun day trips with FIDO. Not only does it keep you organized, but it keeps your back healthy too …  And that means more walks in the park with FIDO.


Carrying all your stuff doesn’t need to be back breaking with the sleek, functional Healthy Back Bag® by AmeriBag. The HBB the perfect combination of style and function that is easy on the back, neck and shoulders.

You can choose from a wonderful line of bright, vibrant colors, exotic patterns and chic styles that are perfect to take your stuff along while sightseeing, running FIDO through town or just lounging by the pool.

The smart, easy-to-access features make the HBB your must-have travel companion: 

  • Ergonomic shape that molds to the spine and relieves stress on neck, back and shoulders
  • Ample, cleverly designed pockets so you stay organized 
  • Main zip faces against your body so stuff is safe and easily accessible without taking the bag off
  • Easy-see silver lining reflects natural light to make find things a breeze 

The HBB’s unique shape keeps weight evenly distributed across the back, which means there's little stress on your neck, back or shoulders. Doctors, chiropractors and sufferers of back surgery all agree that the HBB is the way to keep your bones balanced. 

See more and order yours today


Fido Friendly received product for review for this post

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