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Vimtag is the in-home camera of choice

Nothing in the pet industry has changed more dramatically than the care we give our pets today. With Vimtag being the in-home camera of choice, pet parents now have the advantage of being able to monitor their dog's well-being at all times. Vimtag's home monitoring cameras are easy to set up, allowing pet parents to see their pets at home from computers, smartphones, or tablets from anywhere in the world.

Vimtag is dedicated to protecting your pet and giving you peace-of-mind knowing that your furbaby is in good hands when you're away from home. For pet parents that want to make sure that their dogs are having a fun time with their pet sitters, Vimtag allows for pet parents to connect with their pets. All too often, we see situations where dog walkers may be pressed for time and tempted to “trim” time, yet bill the hour for a brief 30 minute walk. Some walks never even take place, and dogs are relieving in-house causing damage. This is where the Vimtag comes in handy!

With Vimtag you'll have access to immediate problems that your furbabies may be having at home with a new pet sitter. Vimtag creates an environment of accountability and connection between pet parent and pet sitter. It will also encourage and enforce positive interactions between pet sitter and pooch. Vimtag is great for using during a transitional period such as when you've just adopted a dog and he's settling in, or during a move to a new home.

Pet parents often complain of pet sitters and dog walkers not being consistent with their care, not following through with their tasks, and not taking responsibility for their dog's well-being. This is where Vimtag comes in handy. Today it's imperative that pet parents get first hand help from an outside source like Vimtag to ensure their pets safety around the clock, and at any time they choose. With Vimtag, pet parents are now able to fully engage in the pet parenting experience!


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